Step 1: Browse

Not sure where to start? Browse the products that are available for shipping or email me at [email protected] for recommendations.

If something is unavailable for your travel dates, please email me and I will see if I can add it to my offerings.

Step 2: Select Dates

Your item(s) will arrive by 11 PM on the day that your rental starts and you need to mail it back on the last day of your rental.

*You should add days if you want to have it early to pack for your trip or if you want extra time before you ship it back at the end of your rental.

Step 3: Checkout

Select the items that you want to rent and checkout. The total price for your rental will be viewable in the cart. Once payment is received, you should receive a confirmation email.

Step 4: Check your mail

I will ship your item(s) via UPS or USPS so they arrive by 11pm on the first day of your rental. You will receive an email with the tracking information once it has been shipped.

Step 5: Enjoy your trip! 

No explanation needed. Have a great time on your trip!

Step 6: Return the item(s)

Ship your item(s) back on the last day of your rental. I will include a prepaid return shipping label. You will need to pack it up in the provided shipping materials and drop it off at the appropriate shipping facility (USPS or UPS) before their latest drop-off time.   If you do not ship your item(s) back on the last day of your rental or it's dropped off after the company's latest drop-off time, there will be late fees.